Pitch: Raise & Lower

Once a piano falls too far below pitch it is necessary to perform a pitch raising before a fine tuning can be accomplished. The pitch raise is a rough tuning with the sole intention to get the piano close enough to A440 concert pitch to allow a fine tuning. There are three good reasons to keep your piano at the proper pitch.

  1. Pianos at the wrong pitch also train the ears in a false way. Ear training means keeping your piano at the standard pitch which is what you hear on mp3, cd’s, the radio and all concert halls or institutions.

  2. Constantly having to raise or lower the pitch of your piano makes for an extremely unstable tuning and will probably dissuade any playing it to continue. Pianos kept at proper pitch also help to keep your soundboard from losing its crown and thus keeping the rich tone of your piano.

  3. Keeping the piano in pitch will allow you to play with instruments and recordings.

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