Dampp Chaser Climate Control

A climate control system is available by Dampp-Chaser called The Piano Life Saver, which is designed to constantly monitor and maintain the relative humidity (R.H.) inside your piano to remain between 42 and 47% R.H. that not only will stabilize the pitch of your piano avoiding the need for a pitch raise or lowering but will also extend the life and improve the quality and performance of the instrument for years to come, not to mention your enjoyment which after all is why we do this. Protect your investment and get all you can from your most cherished possession. The stabilization of humidity also helps in areas like sticky keys, swelling and shrinking of cabinet parts and action parts. The action consists of carefully machined wooden parts that are calibrated within a few thousands of an inch. This point alone should tell you that controlling this swelling and shrinking in the action is of major importance. Pianos have been plagued with this problem since Bartolomeo Cristofori built the first piano in 1700. The Dampp Chaser has been the best possible affordable answer to this problem. It truly is a “Piano Life saver”.

For prices or info please call Mike Klomp of Klomp’s Piano services at 519.802.5364 or by email, mikeklomp17@hotmail.com